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  item: a private shade of green

* SPLIT RELEASE with Gruenrekorder / Frankfurt Main *
limited edition: 150
handmade silk screened CD Box,
70 min
Release 03/2007

01: Yannick Dauby: Rana limnocharis
02: Parachute: 06 v 1.1
03: Costa Groehn: 23.07.2006, 10h, Besalú/Catalonia
04: Igor Hax: Yellow Room in Sefton Drive
05: Daniel Knef: At the Stairway by Afternoon
06: Shintaro Miyazaki: Platines
07: Tobias Bolt: Dilatationsfuge
08: Nicolas Weiser: platonisches Funier
09: Lasse-Marc Riek: Blaesshuhn (Fulica atra)
10: triPhaze: Gletscher
11: Adriano Zanni: Summer Life on the Shorelines
12: Reverend Benn Schipper: Thun (RMX 053)
13: Roland Etzin: Abseits der Strassen
14: c:\ Absentee Debate

+++ REVIEWS +++

On a similar course is the compilation by Gruenrekorder which they released with Privatelektro (well, or vice versa of course). Here too we find relative short pieces, but the usual Gruenrekorder posse, but the total is much more balanced. I am not sure if which way it had to be a split release, but perhaps Privatelektro brought in some of the names I never heard of, and perhaps (guessing again) they count for some of the more electronic pieces on this compilation. We find some very nice, pure field recording pieces, such as by Yannick Dauby and Adriano Zanni, and some minimalist drone related works by people by Reverend Benn Schipper. This mixture of interests could be a total miss, but here on A Private Shade Of Green it works quite well. Also included are Igor Hax, Daniel Knef, Costa Groehn, Nicolas Weiser, triPhaze, Roland Etzin, c:\, Lasse-Marc Riek and others. Quite a nice compilation. (FdW)

by Frans de Waard in Vital Weekly nr. 572 week 16 : April 2007


a private shade of green - echt ein sehr spannender und wunderbarer sampler... so unterschiedliche sachen wie shintaro miyazaki oder c:\ .. klasse!

Christian P. from electrigger . Radio . May 2007


While collaborations among two or more artists have become day-to-day business in the world of experimental music, they are still anything but commonplace when it comes to labels. Maybe this has to do with the fact that in times when record companies are increasingly turning into the focal point of certain scenes with stronger “images” than the musicians they publish, the “diva-ism” amongst them has grown – as well as the fear of loosing their identity by selecting the wrong partner. What great chances might well be missed by this behaviour is signalled by A Private Shade of Green, a joint venture between Frankfurt-based Gruenrekorder and Leipzigs Privatelektro outfit.

And please note: This is not the usual seemless mix of similar acts or even a dry genre-compilation curated by like-minded label owners. Rather, the way this album penetrates your mind with a unique melange of field recordings and electronic tracks ranging from the concrete to the abstract, the pleasantly academic to the powerfully intuitive as well as from the futuristically progressive to the majestically retro, seems to suggest that the idea was born before any concepts of marketability. From an outward perspective, this marriage is certainly not obvious in any way – if only because the scenes behind the labels hardly have any musical or social intersections. Maybe one can explain the coherence and absolutely gorgeous interaction between the artists represented here by the fact that a large part of the interest of Gruenrekorder has been directed towards nature, the city and their mutual interconnectedness, while Privatelektro releases are often marked by a curiosity of reconciling the organic with the technological. In any case, one can do without rational explanations. The weightless field recordings by artists such as Yannick Dauby, Costa Groehn as well as label owners Lasse-Marc Riek and Roland Etzin are heavenly contrasts to the intense aural hallucinations of Parachute or Reverend Benn Schipper without even once being reduced to the status of interludes. Somehow, both worlds cross-fertilise each other as each track seagues into the next, opening up new spaces of reception. And quite possibly, pieces like .Gletscher. (inspired by a mountain hike) by triPhaze or the algorithm-based .Platines. by Shintaro Miyazaki are field recordings in their own right – if only from a different point of view – just as much as the Gruenrekorder cosmos points to a musicality inside everything around us.

.A Private Shade of Green. is an optima optimorum in the sense that it works both as a showcase of the artists involved as well as creating something bigger than the sum of its components: Despite the radical breaks in its texture, this is a dreamy voyage that you can take to the park for a night of listening and watching the stars. It is also a great example for how label collaborations could make a real difference by sharpening perception and creating unprecedented experiences. In any case, a second volume of this would be greatly appreciated.

By Tobias Fischer . June 2007 . Tokafi Magazine


I wish I could get more excited about this 70-minute split compilation from Privatelektro and Gruenrekorder (150 copies produced). The disc arrives in an attractively silk-screened, transparent case, and it includes field recordings and electronic pieces by fourteen artists, seven from each label. But many of these field recordings try my patience by recycling sounds heard too many times before (crashing waves, automobile noises, and bird chatter). By now, a more novel and varied sonic palette is needed than whats emphasized here. We hear, then, the scratchy caw of birds (Yannick Daubys .Rana limnocharis.), car noises as if someone placed a microphone next to the highway (Daniel Knefs .At the Stairway by Afternoon.), water sounds (Lasse-Marc Rieks .Blässhuhn. (Fulica atra)), loud rumbling and banging (Tobias Bolts .Dilatationsfuge.), and children laughing at the beach amidst crashing waves (Adriano Zannis .Summer Life on the Shorelines.). Gruenrekorder co-founder Roland Etzin&s .Abseits der Straßen. presents more bird, dog, and automobile sounds while UK producer Igor Haxs repetitive mix of static, muffled beats (Yellow Room in Sefton Drive) lacks development.

A few moments stand out, specifically Parachutes .06 v 1.1. a meditation of glistening tinkles and blurry tones, and Reverend Benn Schippers .Thun (RMX 053),. a flickering whirligig of rough-edged electronics. Also decent is the fourteen-minute closer .Absentee Debate. by c:\ (Christiane Doederlein) which begins as a mutating electronic drone and then slowly turns it into a spacey Tangerine Dream clone powered by synthesizer rhythms borrowed; from Phaedra. A Private Shade of Green clearly was assembled and produced with care; a shame that the field recording content isnt more arresting and original.

Textura : Magazine : Canada : July 2007


A CD-R compilation in limited edition (only 150 copies), the result of the collaboration of two experimental labels, Gruenrekorder of Frankfurt and Privatelektro of Leipzig. Fourteen tracks, starting with the electro-acoustic recordings of ;Rana Limnocharis;, made by Yannick Dauby, and ending with ;Absentee Debate;, by c:\, an enigmatic and lapidary musician (There are three words I will say: I dont care;), among dilated drones and minimal melodies. The other tracks are both interesting and well polished, from the field recordings by Adriano Zanni and the bare electronic tangles by Reverend Benn Schipper, the crystal-like elaborations by Parachute and the hallucinated algorithms by Shintaro Miyazaki. All of the artists are very radical in their expressive forms and would have no problems releasing entirely personal productions.
Aurelio Cianciotta : in Neural Magazine : Italy : July 2007
price: 12,00 EUR
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