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  item: Various - Recorded in the field by...

01 Aaron Ximm / United States of America
.Three sides of the Avilas. Recorded in
Guantanamo, Cuba, 2004

02 Chris Watson / United Kindom
.by Kelso dunes. (temperature 45 C) Recorded in the Mojave Desert, USA, 2005

03 Costa Gröhn / Germany
.königskoppel. Recorded between Todesfelde and Seth, Germany, 2005

04 Costa Gröhn / Germany
"parkplatz" (parking lot) Recorded in Kassel, Germany, 2004

05 Dallas Simpson / United Kingdom
.The Valley of Crows. (extract). Recorded in Lambley Dumbles, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom, 1999

06 Daniel Knef / Germany
.Gangway by Night. Recorded in Koblenz at Deutsches Eck, Germany, 2005

07 Derek Holzer / United States of America
.Monte Alegre Lago at Dusk. Recorded near the town of Monte Alegre (Pará), Brazil, 2003

08 Gabi Schaffner / Germany
.Boiling Mud Pot. Recorded in Myvatn, Iceland, 2002

09 Gabi Schaffner / Germany
.Candidate in a singing contest among Iceland s youngsters. Recorded in Reykjavik, Iceland, 2002

10 [sic] (Jen Morris) / Canada
.Niagara Falls. Recorded in Niagara Falls, Canada, 2003

11 Lasse-Marc Riek / Germany
.Gefangene Fledermäuse. (bats caught in a tube) Recorded between Preetz and Kiel, Germany, 2003

12 Lasse-Marc Riek / Germany
.Küstenvögel in Dünen. (coastal birds in dunes) Recorded on Isle of Amrum, Germany, 2004

13 Maksim Shentelev / Latvia
.Boudhnath stupa_prayer wheel. Recorded in Katmandu, Nepal, 2004 |

14 Maksim Shentelev / Latvia
.Insects in old tree. Recorded in Mooste, Estonia, 2004

15 Dronaement (Marcus Obst) / Germany
.Waterbeat. Recorded in Crottendorf Heide, Germany, 2004

16 triPhaze (Marek Brandt) / Germany
.Bienenhaus mit Helikopter. (beehive with helicopter) Recorded in Leipzig, Germany, 2002

17 Robert Curgenven / Australia
.a quiet night at home in the shed. Recorded outside Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia, 2005

18 Roland Etzin / Germany
.on the bus. Recorded in Füssen-Ost Allgäu, Germany, 2005

19 Yannick Dauby / France
.Behind the Fuyang Community Forest. Recorded in Taipei, Taiwan, 2005

Label: Gruenrekorder
Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland 2006
LC 09488 | GEMA

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On -Recorded In The Field By...- ; there are nineteen tracks by well-known people such as Chris Watson and Yannick Dauby, to lesser known ones as Derek Holzer, Dronaement, [sic] to the majority of people I never heard of as Aaron Ximm, Dallas Simpson, Gabi Schaffner, triPhaze, Maksim Shentelev and people behind the label such as Lasse-Marc Riek and Costa Gröhn. Each of the pieces is described in the booklet, which is probably the nicest thing about it. It gives the listener the idea that its not just a random set of recordings, but actually a part of a bigger whole, cut out and made into a composition. Which is nice, since I believe all of these pieces have no electronic treatment afterwards. Besides the usual wind and water recordings, there is also a short piece of children singing or the tunnel sounds behind the Niagara Waterfalls. All in all quite a nice compilation.



Field Recordings, und um diese geht es dem in Frankfurt stationierten Gruenrekorder Label vornehmlich, sind Ausschnitte aus der Wirklichkeit, aus dem Kontext getrennte Realitätsfragmente. Diese können nun weiter ver- und bearbeitet werden oder, quasi unberührt, ohne weitere Verfremdung für sich alleine stehen – und so also als Sample im engeren bzw. Musikinstrument im weiteren Sinn verwendet und gehört werden. Auf dem Sampler »Recorded in the field by…« finden sich nun ausschließlich unbearbeitete Field Recordings, treffender vermutlich unter dem Begriff Phonographien subsumiert. Zu jeden Track gibt es Hintergrundinformationen zumindest im Bezug auf die Aufnahmelocation sowie fakultativ eine kurze erklärende Beschreibung zum Zustandekommen des Stücks. Die Zusammenstellung birgt dabei klassische Soundscapes, wie beispielsweise Chris Watsons Aufnahme aus der Mojave Wüste, alltägliches von Costa Gröhn, der sich in Deutschlands Provinz auf Hügel und Parkplätze setzt oder auch Soundwalks durch dichte Wälder und Kanufahrten am Amazonas. Ebenso ins abstrakte Detail wird gezoomt, ein fast schon klassisches Beispiel sind die Schlammpots in der Nähe des Myvatn-Sees in Island, aufgenommen von Gabi Schaffner, die auch einen sehr gelungenen Ausschnitt aus einem Singing Contest beisteuert – und bei mir die Frage aufwirft, ob Bootlegs eigentlich eine Subspezies von Field Recordings darstellen.

quietNoise/Tobias Bolt


Recorded in the Field by...
Written by John Kealy
Friday, 16 June 2006

Field recording isn’t just pointing a microphone at your scene of choice and hitting record. There is a skill in capturing the atmosphere and life of the moment and allowing a listener to recreate the scene in their mind in vivid Technicolor. All of the artists featured on Recorded in the Field by… have this skill in spades.

The variety of recordings included on this album is a treat for the ears. The 19 vignettes document a wide array of environmental, natural and human situations. Of course there’s the token recording of crows too. I’m convinced to become an official field recording artist you have to make at least one recording of a murder of crows. Dallas Simpson’s “The Valley of the Crows” is a better than expected variation on this theme. There’s only so much that can be done with crow calls but some recordings have more ambience than others and this is one such case. Far more interesting is “Küstenvögel in Dünen” by Lasse - Marc Riek, a recording of many different species of coastal birds. It is a beautifully clear recording and evokes pleasant memories for me of going birdwatching on the beach.

Most of the recordings make great use of space. Some give the feeling of being right there in the middle of what is being recorded. The best piece is undoubtedly Dronaement’s “Waterbeat” which is the sound of gurgling water in a pipe recorded very closely. It is claustrophobic but intensely pleasurable. On the other hand, “Niagara Falls” by [sic] reduces the mammoth intensity of the mighty waterfall to a tinny rumble. It is a nice touch to reduce something so big and earthly to a sound so thin and otherworldly. As expected, Chris Watson’s contribution, “By Kelso Dunes,” is a masterclass in creative recording. His is the only track without any notes accompanying it so I don’t know what exactly it is but it sounds hot and dusty.

The wealth of wonderful recordings on Recorded in the Field by… made me want to listen to the album dozens of times. I could spend hours getting lost in the individual tracks. A lot of traditional ideas such as the humming of bees are turned on their head or at the very least shaken up a little, in the case of the bees the sound of a helicopter in the distance acts as a comment to man’s engineering versus nature’s engineering. I find that the more straightforward a field recording is, the duller it is. Little twists like this adds a spark of excitement to the piece.

This is one of the most enjoyable and fascinating collections of field recordings I’ve heard in a while. There is no piece that approaches even the remotest outposts of boring. It’s rare to find a compilation of any type of music without a dud track but I feel that Recorded in the Field by… is a damn fine assembly of sounds.

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